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Going Friend's Locked

Taking the lead from the other Daily communities and going friends only, to see the current and future posts simply join the community :)

If all posts could be made "friends only" that would be great.

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random cast appearances (HQ)

bwahahahahhahah I'm out to killz your computerzzzz. um, bunch of images of random heroes cast members at random events. And so, not in chronological order:

[07] Hayden Panettiere @ Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment (5th Dec)
[05] Ali Larter @ Awareness For The Art Of Elysium (14th Dec)
[02] Ali Larter for GAP
[10] Random Heroes Cast at "Rocky Balboa" World Premiere (13th Dec)

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farscape; it's just human
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Heroes Cast (UHQ)

I'm not sure whether this picture has been posted around yet. It's ultra high quality (5189x4000px), so if you click on the thumbnail below, it'll lead to a download link for a file (since I can't seem to find anywhere that accomodates 11mb images).

warning: for those with laggy computers, it may take quite a while to load.